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Essay Three Brainstorming. From Mike

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  1. brainstorm one
    For this prompt i want to talk more about the effects that the bomb had on the city of Hiroshima. I want to do research on how everyone got back on their feet and what kind of aid they received if any.
    Brainstorm two
    For this prompt i would want to look into the serpent worshiping. I know this is not common anymore but it is still a thing. i would really like to learn why this is even a thing people do and where you can still find serpent worshipers in the world today.
    Brainstorm three
    For this prompt i want to talk about a issue that deer farmers in america are facing right. There is a disease in deer called Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD. There is a live test for this disease but they are killing the deer to test them and it is decreasing the production of the deer farms. Deer farmers are losing their entire herds because of this testing.

  2. Prompt 1: Book theme analysis and connections
    - Theme: Chance. What determines chance? Why is it that some people in a situation may die, but others in the same situation live? Is there a way to better your odds of surviving or winning? Or no matter what you do, you will either die or live? Is there really proof that doing certain things increase your chance of survival?
    - Theme: Perseverance. What makes one continue after failing? Is it their culture or biology? What makes one presevere /not give up? Is there a way to teach others and our kids to not give up? Is this what determines someone to be successful?**
    - Issue: Total War. Define. What makes total war okay? How does one know when it is the ‘right’ time to be in total war? How does one feel after total war?
    Prompt 2: Hidden Gems and Holding On to subcultures
    - Activity: Football and head injuries. We continue allowing the game football even thought people are getting seriously injured, why is this? **
    - Saving endangered species. Even though they still probably won’t survive since there is a shortage in their gene pool.
    - Value in what past, famous presidents said/believed in. We want to keep those original beliefs that founded us in-tacked.
    Prompt 3: Problems we should address
    - cyber-bullying
    - national debt
    - football concussions
    - human trafficking
    - use of medication verses natural ways (herbs etc) **
    **Are for ones that I would probably choose to do in each category.

  3. Prompt 1:
    I would investigate more on the character Terufumi Sasaki. I find him very interesting because he works in medicine in a different country. I would like to know how they do things differently than the United States.
    Prompt 2:
    A not-so-popular niche or hobby in America is playing the bag-pipes. Not many people do that around here so it would be cool to investigate just how many people are into it.
    Prompt 3:
    Problems we should address- I think one I can personally relate to would be cyber-bullying. I've had friends go through this and I've watched it affect them.

  4. Prompt 1: For an idea related to one of the books we've read, I would like to look into the origins of the Spiritualists. I saw a history show that talked about how one of the creators of Spiritualism confessed that they faked that tapping from the ghosts in the beginning, so it would be cool to look up how much evidence there is for that.

    Prompt 2: Some subcultures that I thought of were glassblowers, homesteaders, and alien enthusiasts.

    Prompt 3: Some problems that need addressing are puppy mills, the wage gap, and overpopulation in jails.

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  7. Prompt 1: The relationship between America and Japan after the bomb-I am unfamiliar with this topic and I would just like to see how it effected their relationship.
    Prompt 2: The subculture of the computer game World of Warcraft- I play this game,not as dedicated as most players, but I would like to look at the impact this game has and how people use it to make youtube videos and dress up as characters from it.
    Prompt 3: rising student debt- college used to be much more affordable. I would like to look it to the reason behind the increase in costs.

  8. Prompt 1: A theme in both of our readings-Finding one's "calling" and pursuing it.
    Prompt 2: A not so popular activity, atleast not anymore is going to Drive-In Movies. Because indoor theaters and Netflix have became so popular, this activity has been lost.
    Prompt 3: Problems we should address
    -Obesity in children
    -Societal influences on beauty standards

  9. Prompt 1: I want to research more on how WWII is taught within history on the Japanese side, if they skim over certain parts or tell the events as they happened.
    Prompt 2: I would like to explore the Riot Grrrl musical subculture from the 90’s which gave women a place in the grunge music genre.
    Prompt 3: Some problems that we face in society that I would like to dig into are:
    The Wage Gap
    Body Image
    Bee’s on the Endangered Species List

  10. Prompt 1: Analyze further why the United States kept pushing Native Americans of their land. Why did the U.S. keep creating new treaties and new boundaries of the Native American land as opposed to abiding by the first boundaries they put into place?
    Prompt 2: Playing an instrument is something less mainstream because not a lot of people know how to play one or take the time to learn. I want to analyze the value music of playing an instrument can bring to people.
    Prompt 3: One major problem that we face in society is the use of nonrenewable natural resources. Eventually America is going to run out and I want to research what can be done about this. I would like to know if there is a way that Americans can keep the resources we have and use something else for the things that we need.

  11. Prompt 1: In Hiroshima, my favorite character was Mr. Tanimoto. I admired his actions immediately after the bomb went off, but what he did during the aftermath surprised me. It seems to me that these two different sets of actions were driven by the same force--an identity crisis. Mr. Tanimoto struggles to balance his Japanese and American identities and it shows through in his actions.

    Prompt 2: With marijuana becoming more and more mainstream, I would like to explore the subculture of pipe makers, especially glass blowers.

    Prompt 3: I believe that clean, renewable energy is vital to America's (and the world's) future. How does this type of energy compare to fossil fuels and why is clean energy important? How within reach is it for our country?

  12. prompt 1: talk about herbal medicine and how it can be beneficial for our health and or compare it with prescription drugs
    prompt 2: for this prompt I would talk about old school boxing.
    prompt 3: One issue we face is the excessive use of technology. For this issue, I would talk about how technology is affecting our lives and interpersonal relationships, and what are possible solutions to attempt to fix the issue.

  13. Prompt 1: The book theme that I would like to analyze is the theme of destruction and rebirth throughout Hiroshima.
    Prompt 2: The non-mainstream subculture I would research and analyze is those that consider themselves to be survivalists.
    Prompt 3: A problem that we should address is that of our over-standardization of Education.

  14. Prompt 1:
    For prompt one I would choose to talk about Dr. Sakai and the works that he did following Hiroshima. I would want to go further into depth about the facilities he started and the research he found in his elderly years. I’d like to see how he influenced the medical community in japan through his actions and what impacts he had on individuals that worked in and were affected by the aftermath of Hiroshima.

    Prompt 2:
    One of the skills portrayed in holding on was Hat blocking in the 1900’s. this has become a skill that is very rare and used in rare form in today’s society. I think being able to find how and where this skill/trade is used actively would be very interesting and informative.

    Prompt 3:
    I believe a large issue that should be addressed is the idea of traditional schooling and how it has not changed in over 100 years. This issue seems very current and like something that should gain more attention than it has been given.

  15. 1.I would want to understand more of the aftermath of Hiroshima and the health effects it had on the people.

    2.I would want to understand art and culture through the years.

    3. I would want to learn more about people who are disabled have a hard time getting jobs. This issue is still going to this present day.

  16. 1) On a theme of pastors that continue to do work despite difficulties whether it is building a sanctuary thing out of stones or bringing the twisted bodies of living bomb victims across a river so that they might get help, what drives these men to do these things and how does that contribute to society and their values.

    2) Investigating flint knapping, the process used by native americans to create arrowheads or other tools that needed sharp edges and now is used more to make them for tourism to sell them

    3) Addressing the problem of the exploitation of Native american lands for commercial assets such as pipelines and uranium mines that can or have endangered or hurt the people inhabiting that area.

  17. 1:Theme of cooperation during times of disasters like natural disasters and in this case the dropping of the atomic bombs. Possible research on human nature when others are harmed? (Example: Compassion and sympathy.)
    2: Face to face activity. Enjoying the world around us instead of being buried in technology. What would the world look like if we spent less time with cell phones and technology?
    3: Problems with the two party system of the United States and the problem with the electoral college. How it doesn't give us a choice of the best candidates but rather two candidates and the third parties have no chance of winning. Also the winner of the electoral college isn't necessarily going to win the popular vote.

  18. 1. I would want to look into why the help that said they were coming in Hiroshima never came and if they did come could more people have survived.
    2. I would want to look into the non-mainstream activity of herbal and natural remedy for medicines and if they would bemore accepted today than 100 years ago. And if people in today's society would be more open to it.
    3. I think we face an education issue in American Society, mainly in grade schools, especially k-5. And why our school system is not catching up with modern ways to learn that have more success for students.


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