Monday, November 21, 2016

Journal 8: Alexis Hensel

After listening to Logical Insanity, all I can say is... wow. The enthusiasm Dan Carlin has for history is very inspiring. History is not a subject that I find myself extremely interested in, but this podcast was so powerful and informative that I found myself enjoying it. A theme that I thought occurred throughout was perspective. When Carlin stated, "In order to understand the perspective, we have to know the circumstances," it really made me think. Often times people assume and make judgement on situations that we do not know a lot about. For example, nuclear warfare is a topic that leads to a lot of questions. Carlin spoke about how and when people decide that it is okay to harm civilians, explaining that it really ends up being a question of one's morality, which I completely agree with. The Holocaust was mentioned several times in this podcast. This surprised me at first, but after realizing the similar affects that nuclear warfare and the Holocaust had, it makes complete sense. By relating two topics such as nuclear warfare and the Holocaust, I was able to realize things that I wouldn't have been able to without this comparison. Both events killed a vast amount of people. However, Carlin explained that nuclear warfare could have saved lives during the Holocaust. I had never thought of this. It is difficult to find something positive out of nuclear warfare, but this could definitely be seen as a positive. Overall, I believe that Dan Carlin explained this topic in such a way that was very easy to understand.  Most importantly though, he touched on topics that really made me think.
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How can nuclear warfare effect man-kind?


  1. I think the parallel that you picked out, relating the Holocaust with nuclear warfare, is brilliant. I heard it during the podcast, but when I read it in your words it just hit me again. It is crazy to think that both of these events were equally as tragic and life-costing. I also love the picture that you chose.

  2. When I wrote my response to this I talked about how he was very passionate about the topic and how he included his step fathers view in some points of it. I really liked how you could relate to the topic unlike myself who was bored through the whole thing.

  3. The comparison to the Holocaust was interesting. I never really thought of it that way. It seems like we are often weary to compare things to the Holocaust, but in this case it kind of was comparable.

  4. I'm also glad he touched on the Halocaust. Not many people compare the bombing to the Halocaust but with his justifications, I understand why now. Nucelar warfare could've saved lives during the Halocaust and I agree with this.

  5. History can definitely be boring. I totally agree that his enthusiasm really added a different view of this subject. His podcast was easy to listen to. I also thought the comparison to the halocaust was interesting.


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