Sunday, November 20, 2016

Journal 8 Chelsey

I thought the podcast was very interesting. I have never really herd anything like it. It was really saddening to me, because I don't think that this amount of innocent cassualities is justifiable. Even though he reasoned about why it was. I still can't grasp how something so terrible could be so justifilable. In the pod cast when Truman refers to people as " Acceptable collaertal damage" I was really somewhat irritated and I couldn't understand why. This podcast was really interesting and had a lot of historical information however, I still do not agree with the logic of dropping the bomb as well as thinking the lives lost was just acceptable collateral damage. It just was really sad and hard to listen to.

This is a picture of the aftermath of the bomb dropping and a man observing the damage.


  1. Understand where you are coming from when you talk about it being sad. I focused more on his passion and his examples he gave of his stepfather. I really liked the part when he talked about the bomb changing peoples lives.

  2. I think the level of disagreement that you show is a testament to the function of logical sanity. The idea of taking casualties is unthinkable and an option that shouldn't be considered, unless logical insane.


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