Monday, November 21, 2016

Journal 8- Seth Wicker

After listening to Logical Insanity I have only one word that comes to mind. Perspective. When we think about WWII we typical only think about the Atomic Bomb, in regard to bombings, but after listening to the podcast my eyes were opened to the severity of damage caused by bombing prior to the atomic bomb. When the difference was mentioned between fire bombing and the atomic bomb the question was asked," Would you rather be baked or broiled?" I think this question raised a good point, that point being the fact that catastrophic damage was already occurring. One thing that amazed me is that some individuals saw the atomic bomb as a relief. Insane or Logical? How could someone see something so destructive as a relief? This is where the perspective came in for me, these cities in countries were being more and more deterierated day by day until they were nothing but broken bricks and splintered wood. In a sense the atomic bomb put an end to the firebombing along with the war. Seeing this reaction to the bomb is what stuck with me. These individuals had been through so much loss and pain that they were ready for it all to end and for them the A-bomb was the end to the destruction. Listening to Logical Insanity caused me to stop and take a new perspective on the situation that individuals were placed in during that time and as a result I have a new understanding and respect for the desicion that was made.

Image result for fire bombing wwii
The firebombing of Tokyo in WWII


  1. I think you had an excellent point when you said that it's all about perspective. I think there was a lot of things we never really thought about until listening to the podcast. I also think the comment about being baked or boiled really made you stop and think about everything.

  2. Exactly! everything comes down to perspective. At the beginning of the audio, Carlin was talking about his step-father being on a destroyer and he was thankful for the atom bomb because it may have saved his life and was thankful for every day after that.

  3. I can see your point where you said the individuals in ww2 had been through so much that they were just ready to end it. This is when I realized the "logic" behind dropping the bomb. It kind of reminded me of when people in 9/11 would jump out of buildings to escape dying painfully in a fire.

  4. I do have to agree with you on on perspective. It is all about on the way you see it and not the way others see it. it also amazes me that some seen the bomb as a relief more than bomb that kills many of innocent people.


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