Monday, November 21, 2016

Journal 8 - Betsy Lyons

I really enjoyed listening to Logical Insanity. Dan Carlin is incredibly passionate about what he is speaking on. He also offers a different perspective than the Hiroshima gave us. Carlin talks about his step father who served in the last year of World War II in which his step father was grateful for the atomic bomb because he felt that he was truly going to die from the Kamikaze pilots. Carlin's step father was not the only one to think that either. We are gaining the perspective of the American side of the Atomic Bomb. This podcast also gave more information on the Atomic Bomb that was not mentioned in Hiroshima. A lot of people worldwide discussed the morality of the Atomic Bomb. I understand why the bomb was dropped, in order to save American lives. Although, the Americans did drop the bomb on major cities in Japan which also housed many innocent civilians. I agree with the morality of dropping the bomb. In war, it's almost like everyone is out for themselves. The people in charge have a duty to protect their people. Carlin states, "In 1944 there would have been more American lives lost than in the entire war combined." The United States had to do something in order to protect the American lives and instead of withdrawing troops, the United States of America ended the war. One historical example that the podcast mentioned was the bombing of England by the Germans back during World War I. Air raid sirens went off fifteen to twenty minutes after the declaration of war by the British. Winston Churchill's wife mentioned that the Germans were always precise and punctual. Overall this podcast really showed a different insight of the Atomic Bomb. It's always important to gain different perspectives on the same issue in order to fully grasp what went on, and the reasoning behind why they did the things they did.

Image result for germany air raids on britain
A German fighter plane flying over England about to drop bombs

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  1. I agree that ending the war did more to save lives than anything else. War is full of death no matter what so any time that can be reduced is lives saved.


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