Friday, November 18, 2016

Journal 8: Katie Wagoner

Before watching this blog I was very confused about what logical insanity means. I feel that Carlin's did good at providing a lot of information/research from history into his podcast to explain what logical insanity is and to provide some sort of reasoning to why we found it okay to bomb Hiroshima. The historical example that I found most helpful was when he was talking about Hitler and the holocaust.  I think this example was most helpful because I actually knew some things about Hitler and the holocaust. The quote that stood out to me was when Carlin said that Hitler stated "...don't mistake my humanity for weakness". I feel like this is what any leader would think and would want their enemies to think of them. War makes us temporally insane. And war may make us make decisions that may have us do things against our own 'human' and civil nature. Carlin's even mentioned at one point how if someone was to stay in the state of war for too long, it would have detrimental effects; this makes sense.
I found this quote interesting when I was looking for a photo for this post. Deciding to bomb Hiroshima, and actually bombing Hiroshima were and caused a lot of trouble, and today it is a great, sad historic event (I'm not sure if we truly consider it a victory since the bomb was so terrible.)

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