Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Journal 6 Shelby Weber

Part 1
Kiyoshi Tanimoto has been the most interesting to me thus far. He immediately started thinking of others after the bomb. After helping an injured woman and her children make their way to a local school that was being used as a hospital, "Mr. Tanimoto at once got rid of his terror." Mr. Tanimoto knew there were many, many people injured and he was considered with his family and church people, but he later started helping others. He also seems to feel bad because he is not hurt. I feel as if he is a very unselfish man with a lot of care and kindness.

Part 2
Chernobyl happened on April 26, 1986. There was an nuclear explosion in the No. 4 reactor causing radiation to be disbursed for miles around the surrounding area. During a stress test, where safety systems were shut off, a combination of reactor design flaws and reactor operators arranging the core in a manner other than how proper procedure implied, caused an uncontrolled reaction. There were 49,000 people evacuated from Chernobyl and surrounding areas. The two operators were killed that night in the explosion. Later 28 people that were involved in initial cleanup died from acute radiation poisoning. Today there is still an exclusion zone of about 4300 square kilometers, that still has too high of levels of radiation to be considered safe to live.
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Chernobyl after the explosion on April 26, 1986


  1. I think its interesting that although Mr. Tanimoto wasn't hurt he was suffering from guilt, which can often times be more harmful than physical injury. Which is what makes it impressive that he was able to overcome his selfish feelings in order to ensure others were cared for properly.

  2. Tanimoto's selflessness is completely admirable, I agree with you. It's crazy how something that happened so long ago like Chernobyl could still effect us today with radiation that is still strong enough to cause a restriction zone from the 80's.

  3. I liked your explanation of what happened at Chernobyl and the photo that you used to show the destruction. I did not know much on the subject, and it was pretty shocking to find out that so much land is still not safe for people even though this happened a while ago.

  4. I like how you describe Kiyoshi Tanimoto as a caring person. I can't image how awful the scene looked like after the bomb fell. I never knew about the event in 1986. It is hard to believe to believe that they evacuated 49,00 people but I can see that the government cared about the people there.


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