Sunday, November 20, 2016

Journal 8 - Andrew Joseph

Dan Carlin, if that’s who’s talking, has an intense voice! He has what seems to be never ending information and personal views on this topic which is incredibly great. When I began the podcast I was intrigued as to why it was named “Logical Insanity” I could only infer that it was named because of the chaos the bomb ensued after detonating and the logical place it came from on our side to release it in the first place. After listening to the podcast I believe he’s talking about a phase of acceptable craziness. “The questions are insane, but the answers are logical when your put in that position.” I also was caught by the journal entry from Harry Truman describing the Japanese as “acceptable collateral damage.” Jess wrote about that a couple profiles before me, read hers… I agree. The cultural context that I found was very generalized. We have to understand today what was yesterday to see why it was logical then and not so illogical as we believe it is today. We’ve been growing up in a world post bomb not during, we have no way of knowing why this was logical and the podcast gave me that piece of mind. Very informative and passionate speaker.

Location in Japan effected by the bomb.


  1. thanks for agreeing with me haha, but yeah like you said since we live in post war, we don't know what was going through people's minds back then. The historical context the author gave us helped us understand better.

  2. I like how you commented on Dan's voice! I was thinking the same thing. I loved how he added in the journals from Harry Truman and it was interesting to see some of his perspective and in general, the American perspective during that time.

  3. I think you made a good point about not really knowing how things would be like because we have never experienced a bomb. We've been through war, but never had anything more than just war. It was amazing to hear about their perspective.

  4. I agree that he was a very passionate speaker, and I believe this passion comes from his true belief that the choice that was made was the proper one. This podcast is his way of showing his support for the decision and properly backing it with logical and accurate information.


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