Sunday, November 20, 2016

Journal 8 Cieria

This podcast really gave a different view from the Hiroshima book that we read.  This was more of a tactical military view of the situation.  A quote that stood out to me was something that was quoted from early discussions on what kind of impact the new atomic bomb would have and one person said that there was "nothing new about death."  This really makes one want to blame the entire concept of war for the tragedies in Japan.  I think it also shows how little they really knew of the long term impact of the bombs on people.  It was also crazy that they wanted to bomb at night when the civilians would be in their shelters, but the bombers limited accuracy grew even worse in the dark.  One historical example was when the Germans bombed the Dutch even after they agreed to the terms of surrender, simply because they did not see it.

Dutch soldiers


  1. I think that the limitations of bombing, like the fact that they were nearly impossible to aim at night, was fascinating as well. And yet, despite all of the limitations, they still decided to use it. This was basically them accepting the loss of civilian life. Just crazy.

  2. I do have to agree with you that the podcast was from more of a military perspective than a person who was not in the military. It is crazy that they want to bomb more at night than in the day time. I can also see from a military perspective that would be the best strategy to take your enemy.


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