Sunday, November 20, 2016

Journal 8 - Carli

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Explosion from the bombs dropped on Japan

This podcast was well thought out and gave good information and examples about the atomic bombs. An historical example that I thought helped understand what he was talking about was when he said that the atomic bombs were a fare type of warfare for that time, But how did they come to be that way. I thought this helped with understanding his view of all the atomic bombs being dropped. A quote that i really liked was when he was talking about his step father and how he was in WWII when he was 18 and he asked his step father if a war crime saved his life while hurting lives of so many people. This is what his step father said " Every birthday passed my 18th was a blessing from the atomic bomb". I think that he believes that without the bomb being dropped on Japan he would not be here today.


  1. I loved all the personal aspects he threw in with the actual facts and how seamlessly they flowed together. Made all that he was talking about incredibly passionate.

  2. I really liked the quote about his father also. I thought it gave good insight to what they were feeling and thinking at the time. I also thought it was sad but interesting when he was talking about the bombs being a fair type of warfare. But I dont agree with this at all.

  3. I also enjoyed what his father said. It is crazy to think about soldiers in war and life or death situations. I'm sure many of them consider death of the enemy what allowed them to live.

  4. I'm also glad he put more input on the American side of things and why exactly they dropped the bomb. It's a very controversial topic now and it's nice that he did it without thinking twice about what others would think of it. He's very knowledgable.


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