Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Journal Eight: Katie Shower

     I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Dan Carlin's podcast "Logical Insanity." Before I listened to this I thought it would be super boring, but I was surprised to hear that it wasn't. Darn Carlin speaks so excitingly about this topic and really gives his own voice so it makes it enjoyable. You can hear the anxiousness in his voice and that's what you want as a listener. I was happy to learn more about atomic bombs. Before this chapter in class, I didn't know much about this topic, I had only heard about Hiroshima. It was interesting learning about the bombs and the effect they had on the people. It was also interesting learning about the American side of things. You know, most of the time you only hear about Japan's side and how horrible it was for them, which I agree--it was. But, the American's had a reason for doing so. President Truman decided to drop the bomb and Dan Carlin reads an exerp from Truman's diary while he was in presidency. What I thought was important was when he says "the official line was, that both of the bombs dropped on Japan were dropped on military targets, all those civilians that died were just collateral damage." I think this is significant because they were aiming for the people that were fighting against them, but of course innocent people died too because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They didn't just drop a bomb and hope it killed anyone and everyone in sight. Overall, Dan Carlin did a great job speaking on such a controversial topic and touched on things many people would be afraid to speak on.

Image result for americans bombing japan
Picture of the American plane leaving right after bombing Hiroshima 

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  1. I believe that it is very important that you brought up that American's were aiming at military bases. As it was stated in the podcast and in Hiroshima, warnings were sent to civilians to leave the area, but you're right, they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. In my opinion, I think that the people of Hiroshima were naive to the capabilities of the bomb, which is completely understandable. Nuclear warfare was a completely new method, so they were not prepared for its effects. Today, we know how destructive a bomb can be, but back then, we did not.


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