Monday, August 29, 2016

Jounral 2 Carli Swisher

Hi my name is Carli I am a second year student here. My major is Early childhood education. I am engaged but not getting married until after I finish school. I have a dog and my fiance and I raise deer. We have about 16 deer and are still growing. I really enjoy being outside and being with my family doing whatever.

Me holding a Fawn 
When I first started reading the introductions to the book I thought it would be about people who had , had a hard life but found a way to make their life better. The first profile of  Steam Train Maury Graham stood out to me the most for different reasons. I really liked the way the writer really made you understand the hoboes and how they came about. I thought the most interesting part was when he stated that hoboes wrote little letters to each other saying this spot was a good spot to rest or get work , and they would put them on telephone poles or fence post.


  1. I think that is so cool that you raise deer!I didn't even know people did that! :) I thought it was very smart that the hobos left messages for each other, they always seemed to be looking out for one another. Like how they would leave pots and pans for others to use and wash them when they're done using them.

  2. I thought that it was also cool how they would throw down the pebbles to see who was a hobo and who was a bum. The pots and pans being clean definitely makes you think of how the book is based around dignity. The leaving signs on poles kind of reminds me of shoes on telephones wires and how that has meaning.


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