Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal Two Jessica Onate

Hi. My name is Jessica Onate and I am a sophomore. I lived in Marion for about 10 years, then moved to Indiana when I was 14. I moved back to Marion last year and transferred to OSU Marion. I am a Political Science major, and hope to go to law school to become a lawyer. I have two brothers, no pets, and I am a part time waitress at El Campesino. I've always wanted a puppy, and when I do get one I will name him George. An interesting fact about me is that I travel to Mexico almost every summer. Fitness and nutrition include some of my biggest interests. My boyfriend and I like working out and cooking from time to time. 
In Holding On, what most stood out to me was the introductory material. I think it is really neat that someone took the time to learn about people's life stories. I also like the author's discussion about creativity. It is our experiences that shape who we are, and creativity helps play a large role in it. When we are creative we explore new things, finding our interests and passions. This is important simply to not get caught up in the routine. 


  1. I think going to Mexico every summer would be so much fun! Becoming a lawyer is an awesome goal!

  2. The introductory material I felt was very interesting as well. I like how you said that "it is our experiences that shape who we are" because I completely agree with you. If we did not experience anything then I believe that we would be dull and would not know what to do when situations or problems arise. Experiences help us problem solve and create new ideas.


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