Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal Two-Sam Young (I adore bubblegum)

     Hello my dear, sweet classmates! My name is Sam. This is my fourth year at the great ol' OSUM where I have been pursuing an English major and Professional Writing minor. I truly love studying English; I love reading and talking about reading with other people who enjoy it as much as I do. I also love my cats.
This is my oldest cat, Jacquelyn. I have another, younger, cat named Myrra.
     While I enjoyed all of the profiles, I especially enjoyed the Foreward by Henry Roth. I thought that this was  the most passionately written part I've read so far, and it was so powerful. Roth discusses the electric shock-like effect of one's creativity. Yet, he also touches upon the duty that one has to fulfill that creativity, both to oneself and to humanity, and that is what struck me the most. He speaks with such an urgency, and reminds us that our time is so limited:
     "Our eyes will close forever soon enough. And even if you don't believe in a hereafter, you don't believe a thing, don't close them while they're still open, while you can still see. Don't let the high voltage kill you if you can still convert it into a conduit for communication with your fellow humans."
It was his emotion that struck me. He is clearly a man who has felt deeply that high voltage, and is trying to help his fellow humans to harness it as well.

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  1. I agree with you, his emotion struck me as well. It actually amped me up for the rest of the profiles and I think thats why I enjoyed them so much. The bit about don't close your eyes while you can still see really brought it home for me. To me, whether or not he wrote it this way or not, it meant that you shouldn't close yourself off to something but to welcome it. sort of like a fancy "life is too short" type of thing. I liked the way you write as well.


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