Monday, August 29, 2016

Journal 2 by Seth W.

     Hello, I'm Seth Wicker. I was born in Bradenton, Florida but I was raised in Columbus since I was 2 months old after my family of six moved here for my father's job. I am studying Industrial Design here at THE Ohio State University, this is my second year in Marion and I will be switching to main campus in spring. Outside of school I work at Costco Wholesale and enjoy photography and drawing.
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     As I read the three profiles in Holding On the story that stood out the most to me was the second story about Lawrence "Happy" Davis the Pullman Porter. The reason this story stood out to me was because Mr. Davis didn't focus on the work that he had to do as a pullman, but he looked at the opportunities it created in his life. Instead of focusing on the less glamorous aspects of his job Davis found joy in the fact that he was able to explore the United States, an opportunity that wasn't typically available to individuals in his social and economic class. He saw his job as an opportunity rather than a chore which is an inspiring attribute that I believe should be recognized.


  1. Wanting to travel is a very admirable aspect that Mr.Davis has. Being able to explore the world and meet new people is one of the many goals that I have myself. My question to you and others is what places would you like to visit and why? As for myself one day I would like to visit France to be able to try all the foods they have to offer.

  2. I believe that Davis' attitude towards his job was admirable as well. It's easy to find the negative in almost every situation, but it sometimes takes effort to look at things with a positive mindset. Doing anything it took to please the passenger could be a very gruesome task when doing it repeatedly, but doing so with people that you are close to makes your job seem less like work. Even though his job's compensation varied, he remained positive, which we can all learn from.

  3. I agree with your comment about the opportunities he created in his life. I think it would be awesome to travel the world when many people don't have the money. I also think it would be cool to meet all the famous people that Lawrence Davis met.

  4. I also agree that he had an excellent attitude toward his job, being able to be paid to travel the United States and meet famous people would probably be an amazing way to make a living.


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