Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Journal Two from Shel Collum

Hi there! My name is Shel Collum and I'm in my Sophomore year of school. I graduated from North Union High School where I played football and baseball. I attended Ohio Dominican University on a baseball scholarship for the first semester and left because I wanted to be a buckeye. I'm 20 years old and I'm a very passionate fan of Ohio State sports, mainly football and basketball. I'm a Business Administration major and plan on either going into accounting, real estate or just general management once I get to Columbus. An interesting fact about me is that I was once stung by a jellyfish on vacation. It sucked, but it happened.

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I found the profile of "Steam Train" Maury Graham to be the most interesting and meaningful to me. This man was so intriguing to me because he was proud of who he was and the life he had, even though many people frowned down and didn't care for hobos like Maury. Right away, he informed readers that there was a difference between hobos and bums. Many people, including myself, associated the two together like they were the same people. Maury stated "you go in those bum camps and might not come out". Compared to a hobo camp where Maury said "
. . . they'll look out for you and they'll treat you nice". I found the writing at the end to be very powerful because this is where Maury stated that his time of being a hobo is over because he is "old and crippled". He said that it was "hard to leave", referring to his life as a hobo but why would anyone want to live that life? I believe it was hard for Maury to leave the life behind because he left home as a child and his entire life, up until 79 years old, he traveled around the United Sates going from camp to camp. It's hard to give up something that someone has been doing their entire life.

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