Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal Two: Andrew Joseph

This is long, and I'm sorry. I just don't stop talking...

My name is Andrew Joseph, I spend most of my time wasting it. Binge watching Law and Order, American Horror Story, Supernatural, How to Get Away With Murder and other family friendly television programs like Game of Thrones. That should have been read with the utmost sarcasm. I work at Kohl's just across the street, Kohl's is not directly across the street but it is on the other side of the street down-a-ways. I was born in 1995 which statistically speaking I should be 20 about to turn 21. But I feel as though I was born an old soul. I wish I could've went to Woodstock to hear Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I wish I could've spent my days driving along a coast line somewhere and listening to the newest Fleetwood Mac song. But... I wasn't so I now have to pretend. I collect vinyl records, I have a little over 250 of them. I was the one in class that said I lived in Japan for two years as my interesting fact. My ultimate goal for myself is to be an actor in a movie standing next to someone who I admire like Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Stone or Jack Nicholson. Ultimate goal above all is to marry Ariana Grande (Pray for me, I need that to happen.). I find peace in writing, so while maintaining my main dream I am going to school for journalism, even if acting doesn't work out like I hope it will. I will have the education to be a writer for some type of distinguished magazine or paper. I have pretty much said everything that has been written on the board and on the paper to share with you so I will leave you with something that I like that creeps most people out. I like cemeteries, not because of a weird death like reason but because I find them peaceful and respectable. Both things I feel has been lost sometimes in society. It's something that will always stay the same while cemeteries are a place to go or be. (I'm really a cool person, lord willing,  I hope that didn't trip anyone out).

This is my best friend Nicole and I, after we ate. (I'm on the left).

I generally liked the profiles, I thought it was cool. Although, the diary obsessed man stuck with me. I like to write but I also like to do nothing as well, he literally doing something all the time. I can't imagine hurrying around to get back home because I have to write about the things I'm taking notes on now. I can't help but wonder what his family thought, my assumption would be a silent resentment. I would hate to be silently resented by my wife and children because I had this incessant compulsion to write down my every movement, of every minute, of everyday. He never comes out and says that he was resented by his family for his obsession but I can't imagine they were "okay" with it. He even said that he had never asked what his family had thought about it. After the first two profiles I felt anxious to read his profile. The previous two where about their experiences in the world, while interacting with others, essentially giving off the sense of adventure and a fulfilled life. The final one we had to read was about one mans life in a log of every minute from when he decided to start it. In just the excerpts of his diary that were given in the profile It has me wondering if his family were even in it. I personally, don't think a life is worth living if you don't have someone with you to enjoy it. Whether that someone is one of your parents, a sibling, a best friend, a significant other or any other person I forgot to mention. I can't imagine writing down my every move and constantly asking myself "Why am I doing this?" and not being able to come up with an answer and not being able to stop. That's when I'd check myself into a psych ward. My final thought about the diary man was something I thought of after I finished his profile. I hope that when I'm on my death bed, I know i did what I wanted to do with my time on earth not wasting doing nothing. He has spent a great portion of his life "chained to his typewrite".  If this is in fact what gave him a sense of obligation or purpose, when he dies it wont be finished,It will just stop randomly. I think that is why his profile was the one that jumped out to me. His life that's been logged for the past so many years in a way won't be finished, or fulfilled, when he is no longer able to write. Seems awful, all that time wasted for an unfinished product. I personally hope that his family will finish it for him. Making his life complete by someone that was there every step of the way, even if they did resent the time the typewriter took away from them.

If that depressed you or made you feel sad, I advise laughing for no reason in a dumb voice. Once you start you cant stop no matter how serious you try to be. Well, at least I can't. I'm done now.


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  1. lol I literally laughed the whole time I was reading your blog. I agree that it's kind of pointless to write down every single thing you do. It'd be better to write about meaningful life events, and actually searching for your purpose in life instead of wondering.


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