Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal Two, Katie Wagoner

      Hello, my name is Katie Wagoner. I'm 20 years old, going to be 21 in September the 18th. I still live with my parents and my two brothers. I am the oldest sibling. My brother, Kyle, is 13 years old, and my other brother, Kevin, is 9 years old. I have no pets, but I wish I did, especially a cat. I have been attending Ohio State University- Marion Campus since autumn semester of 2013. I started off studying for a bachelor's in psychology, but I switched to social work after my second semester. I currently have completed all my major courses and my field practicum. And lastly, my fun fact is that this semester will be my last semester before I graduate with my bachelor's degree in social work! I am very excited to finally graduate!

        After reading the first three profiles in Holding On, I am torn between "Steam Train" Maury Graham and Robert Shields. I found both these profiles equally meaningful to read. Maury Graham's story was meaningful to me because it showed a different way of living. His story explained the culture of being a hobo. I found it inspiring to hear Maury explain his life in a way that made his life sound more dignified than expected. Most would believe that a life of a hobo would feel undignified, but Maury made it sound like the life of a hobo is dignified because of the hard work and honesty they live by. Robert Shields' story was meaningful and inspiring to me because even though writing his journal took time away from his day and people found it strange, Robert still continued to write in his journal because it was his passion.


  1. Hey Katie! I understand your passion for cats. Also, congratulations on your soon-coming graduation!
    I totally agree with your stance on the Maury profile, and I love your use of the word culture there. There was definitely a culture to the hobo society, and I loved learning a few of the customs (like the pebble test).

  2. Congrats on graduation! I plan to graduate in December also! good luck to both of us. (: we're almost there!

  3. Katie

    Congrats on finally graduating this semester. I agree with you on the Maury Story. I can see how each of us could relate to that story. I could relate to that story back in high school. I got picked on a lot, but that never stop me from living life or writing in my journal.


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