Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal 2 from Shelby Weber

Hello. My name is Shelby Weber. I am from Centerburg, Ohio and am 21 years old. I am currently a senior and am planning to graduate in December if all goes well. I work at Cracker Barrel in Sunbury, Ohio. I have worked there since I was 16. I got married last August to my best friend, Rusty. We have been together for eight years now. I love to bake and cook when I get free time.

I found the interview with "Steam Train" Maury Graham the most interesting. A lot of information he shared was new for me. I never knew the difference between bums and hobos. He really loved life and enjoyed was he did. He seemed to have a content feeling with how he was living. I thought the writing was straight to the point and did not have a lot of "fluff". The author did a great job setting up the character of "Steam Train".


  1. Shelby

    Out of the three stories, which one did you have in common with? I can agree with your statement about the difference between bums and hobos. I always thought they were the same thing until I read the story.

  2. I think what's interesting about steam train Willy is that he knew he'd rather be a hobo than a bum. He saw the difference and chose the better of the two options, he didn't just want to take from others he wanted to contribute and be a part of a community. And as we saw he was part of a community once he received his "hero's Welcome" at the hobo conference.


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