Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Journal Two Tiffney

     My name is Tiffney Shepherd and I am from Marion, Ohio. I have a younger sister that goes to Ohio State University Marion Campus. My major is Sociology. The show Criminal Minds is what got me interested in sociology.The reason I got into sociology is to understand on how the world works and to understand patterns of human behavior. The most interesting fun fact about myself is, that I love to travel and go on cruise ship. I just recently go back from a 7 night Western Caribbean Disney Cruise. The nice about traveling is learning about the different cultures.

     As you have seen I like to travel mostly on the Disney Cruise Lines. I like the way their porters roll your bedding down and leave a figures on the bed made of towels, plus a piece of chocolate on the pillow. While watching WOSU on television, I saw a documentary about the Brotherhood of Pullman Porters, how they got started serving people on trains. The ones that interested me the most was Lawrence W. "Happy" Davis. How he helped younger porters learn their jobs from 1865 until 1925 when he retired.You can watch this on channel 34.1 and 34.3 to see what I'm talking about. The introductory material was well written and to the main point. I like how the stories are broken down to each individual and the stories do not go on forever. I can see the time and effort it took to gather all the information and put it in one book.

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