Monday, August 29, 2016

Wil's Journal 2

     My name is William Ivers Lathrop but I go by Wil.  I'm an engineering student who has technically been going to OSU for 4 years, but I only take about 2-3 classes a semester so I'm not too far into my major.  One fact about me is that I mostly spend my free time with my 2 year old bernese mountain dog Kaisar who weighs 3 pounds less than me. Another is that there are only 4 photos of me on my phone to choose from.
     The first story "Steam Train" Maury Graham stood out to me.  It seemed like a history lesson as well as a story about Maury.  The story's main theme to me was pride and how they believe in helping one another.  There are differences between a Hobo and a Bum which to most people wouldn't really matter, but to Maury and other Hoboes it means a lot.  Their pride as Hoboes is that they are kind people who help each other as a community or "clan"  Even the name Hobo is a form of pride since it started as the term "hoe-boy" but that name implied that they were still children so they changed it.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that the story's main theme was pride and how hobos believe in helping one another. I definitely think that Maury's story brings a sense of dignity to the hard, honest life of a hobo verses a bum. Since the book 'Holding On' is about showing various stories of dignity, I think Maury's story definitely fits.

  2. I also thought the differences mentioned between Hoboes and Bums was were pretty interesting. I had always thought the two titles were interchangeable, but it seems a Hobo would find this disrespectful. Knowing the difference between the two, it was cool how the Hoboes had a form of community set up. Maury was filled with pride and a mentality of someone respectable; not the traditional thoughts when I think of a Hobo.

  3. I agree that it was very interesting to learn about people living their lives not in one place but travelling from place to place for most of their lives, and the clarification that they work for a living and are different from bums brings them dignity.

  4. I like how you mentioned the differences between hobos and bums. A lot of people nowadays cannot distinguish the two or think they are exactly the same. I like how the story explained that there is a distinction between them. I agree with you on the theme of the story and like how you mentioned that the story was centered around the theme of pride and helping others. They would leave notes for other hobos and leave pots and pans even after the hobos have left the site.


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