Monday, August 29, 2016

Journal Two: Katie Shower

     Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Katie Shower. I'm a sophomore here at OSUM and I plan to continue majoring in Nursing. Although, Nursing is very competitive at Ohio State I might have a difficult time getting into the program. I live in Delaware, Ohio where I'm originally from. I went to North Union High School in Richwood, Ohio and graduated in 2015. A fun fact about me would be that I work at a newly opened sports bar in Delaware called Scoreboard Pub and Grill. It's often comparable to Buffalo Wild Wings because there's televisions everywhere and we center the place mostly around sports in general. We sell pizza, wings and sandwiches; along with many different kinds of alcohol.

     In Holding On, "Steam Train" Maury Graham stood out to me for many reasons. The idea that was brought to my attention first was that he clearly stated the difference between hoboes and bums. He basically says bums are shady and hoboes look rough but have a good heart. I find this interesting because I never really thought there was a difference between the two.
      But, in contrast, I think Lawrence W. "Happy" Davis's story touched me the most. Becoming a nurse is such a rewarding career and will be a huge accomplishment but it scares me. The thought of having too work so much and have little time to build a family, build a home, do things that people my age will be doing. "Happy" retired at such a young age and didn't really like working at where he worked so that made me think a bit "am I doing the right thing?"

LAST FUN FACT: I have a passport and I've been out of the country to Canada, St. Thomas, Bahamas and Tortola (British Virgin Island)


  1. I am glad that we had English last semester and glad I met you, you are so funny and easy to get along with. I think that you waning to be a nurse is awesome because I know I couldn't do it. I know you will get in to the program. I hope to one day visit the place you work and get some bomb food.

  2. I also found the distinction between hoboes and bums to be very interesting. I guess because we haven't personally been categorized as either of those things that it's difficult to know the difference. Also, learning about how the term hobo was made was very enlightening.


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