Monday, August 29, 2016

Journal Two: Kristen Orewiler

This is a picture with my two best friends (Chelsey-left & Sarah-right) 

     Hey Guys! My name is Kristen Orewiler and I'm in my third year here at Ohio State and I'm majoring in Strategic Communications.  I work at Baker's Pizza in Bucyrus which is where I call home. I live with my parents and little sister Shay and I'm very family oriented. I love to travel and have been to many different places and plan on expanding that list as much as I can. I love to spend most of my free time with my two best friends Sarah and Chelsey. I am a sports fanatic. I actually coach basketball and was the head coach for an AAU team in my area and last year I also coached the 6th grade team at Bucyrus Middle School. I'm super excited for the OSU football games because this year I bought the Big Ten package so I'm looking forward to going to all of those games. An interesting fact about me is I have family in Pensacola, Florida which I visit every year and last year when I went my cousin Roger took me shark fishing and it was the absolute coolest thing I've ever done!
     When I was reading Holding On, I thought the best story was "Steam Train" Maury Graham. I got a lot out of this short reading simply because it was FILLED with great information about what it means to actually be a Hobo. I thought it was very interesting how they got their name. Who knew it would have came from an adult man and the word "hello" combined. I think it is really interesting because in today's society I think it's common just to assume people are either bums or homeless. I honestly didn't really know what a "hobo" meant... I thought it was just a word to make fun on homeless people or so called "bums". I love that it actually has a meaning and they want to work for food. I also love that they marked telephone posts or fences to tell other hobos if it was a good spot to stay in or not. I love the phrase about the hobos drawling a picture of Lincoln's top hat! That goes to show that they had a lot of respect for Lincoln. This was definitely an interesting read and I'm excited to read future stories in this book.


  1. I also really enjoyed the story about "Steam Train". I loved how he explained the difference between bums and hobos, he made it clear there was a very important distinction between the two. Hobos work, bums don't! I also liked how he went into the history about how hobos got their name.

  2. I agree with you Kristen, I thought "Steam Train" was a very interesting read! I liked that he specifically told us the difference between hoboes and bums. It was cool imagining the difference.

  3. Kristen, I really loved this profile too! It's the one I did my journal two on. But I agree, it was so interesting how they got the name "hobo". I also used to think that it was just a name to make fun of homeless people. I also didn't realize there was a great difference between a hobo and a bum, which was also really interesting to me as well! It really made me think about today's society and if we differentiate between bums and hobos. What do you think?


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