Monday, September 26, 2016

Journal 4 Jessica Onate

Part One: Most of the links I read on the blog were about police officers discriminating against blacks, and about the videos that have caused a lot of controversy in this past year. I liked the article that talked about quarterback Colin Kapernick and his protest against police brutality towards blacks. He was criticized by former players and fans for speaking out on the issue. The topic of police brutality is significant because it causes a division among people and between races. On one side, it is very wrong to use unnecessary force against blacks, and stories of some of them losing their lives are very sad. On the other hand, it is not right to stereotype all police officers as racists. 
One activism issue I found interesting was the issue regarding food deserts. Food deserts are parts of the country that have vast shortages of fresh fruits and vegetables, and these areas are typically urban and impoverished with mainly processed foods available. Michelle Obama began an initiative named Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) to help finance grocery stores and other retailers that provide healthy foods for these areas. The source I found is an article that talks about how USDA defines a food desert. The article is from the American Nutrition Association, which is a national association.
To support this issue, one can raise awareness and take part in the HFFI. I picked this issue because I care a lot about nutrition. I enjoy going to the gym every day, staying active and eating nutritious foods.  Taking care of my health helps me feel good physically and mentally.

It’s sad that people in impoverished areas like the picture above have to go out of their way just to buy healthier alternatives for their food supply. What you put in your body ultimately reflects your health.

Part Two
One of my favorite profiles for this week was Dugout Dick Zimmerman. I liked this profile because it represented a simplistic yet meaningful way of life. I like how Dick cares so much about appreciating solitude and nature. I like the very last quote, “It gets sort of awkward trying to describe the idea of living in a cave in Idaho, but for some people it makes a lot of sense”. Today with such a modernized world it’s difficult for some of us to get away from our occupations and just enjoy nature or have time for ourselves. I think it is necessary for us to get away once and awhile to think about life and just re


  1. That is interesting about the food deserts about how the areas are typically urban but yet they are impoverished with mainly processed foods available to them. This is one of the activist issues that Michelle Obama was working on throughout Obama's presidency and I believe she will try and continue to work on this issue even after his presidency because this issue is so important in today's society. Many people in today's society do not know all the processed foods that they are putting into their body. It is important for people to become self-aware of these things and eat healthier and eat more of naturally grown foods. I also like the profile you talked about. Zimmerman is very thoughtful and he took almost nothing and made into something. This shows a lot about the type of person he is and his character.

  2. It is interesting that you related two of the articles together into one one blog. I wrote about the Kapernick profile and it was interesting that he didn't have a response as to why he was sitting on the bench until the media blew up about it. The Zimmerman profile made me think of the Amish and their way of life without electricity. How much simpler would life but without technology in our lives? On the other hand technology has helped our society live in harsher environments, make skyscrapers, and keep everyone connected.

  3. I had never heard of a food desert. I could not imagine not having a store close by to get fresh produce. This is a big issue that many people probably do not realize because they have a large grocery on their way home from work. I think it is definitely worth supporting.

  4. You did a very good job of explaining the issue of the police brutality issue. I do agree that not police officers are bad. It is just some let power go to their heads. As for the food issue, I agree we need to know what is going into our foods. I have a form of Celiac Disease. So I have to know what goes into the foods I eat. Thank you for the information.


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