Thursday, September 1, 2016

Journal 2: Taylor

Hello everyone! My name is Taylor Bahan and I just recently added this course to my schedule. I am currently in my sophomore year at The Ohio State University as an Agricultural Business and Applied Economics major. I am from Richwood, Ohio where I was raised on a decent sized grain farm. My farming background helped me to choose my major but has yet to show me exactly what I want my career to be. A little fun fact about me is that I am technically a National Champion. I competed in an Agronomy competition through the FFA for my school and our team placed first in the Nation. We were also ranked individually, where I placed 3rd; the highest on the team.

The profile that stood out most to me was "Happy" Davis' story. This is because I am a waitress and I can partially relate to some of his experiences.  While I am not an African-american in the early 1900s, I also rely on other for most of my wages. It really struck me when Happy mentioned "Peter Lawford wouldn't give a porter a dime" because after all of this time, the people that tip the least have stayed in his memory. This is still the case when I think back to the customers I remember most. They  were either great tippers or poor ones. It is sad to think that after all of these years, some people think those in the hospitality business are "lower" than them and can't show them simple kindness. It is an inspiration to me that Happy stuck with this job and did so while raising seven children. This shows me he had the perseverance to continue being a porter through the good and bad times.

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