Monday, September 26, 2016

Journal 4 by Ben

Part 1: One of the parts I found most important was that with the Dakota pipeline issue that the government was seriously doing what they wanted because the pipeline would make a lot of money. They seemed to have no concern for the reservation and local tribal lands that they would disturb or the several complaints about eminent domain in Iowa. The thing about eminent domain is that the government can legally take your land and pay you back for taking it if they really needed it for building a highway or reservoir or other public utilities. However a private oil pipeline is neither a public utility or owned by the government, so it is kind of frightening to see the government abusing its power to do what they want.

The activism issue that I think may be worth your time and interest is Eating disorder awareness. There are quite a few young adults who seriously struggle with their eating habits and have self worth issues because of how they have been treated by other people or just how they view themselves is skewed.
Image result for eating disorder graphics
Many people don't get treatment because of their fears of being judged
 or proven right about their views of themselves
but there is no shame in taking care of yourself.  

Part 2: The profile that really stuck out to me for this time's reading was Dugout Zimmerman. I found it interesting how he made his own kind of cabins that people can rent out of mines that he personally dug out of the mountain and using junk he got from the nearby junkyard. It connects to today in that there are quite a few people who look for places that they can go on vacation that are really off the grid, and I don't know much more places off the grid than a shack on the side of a mountain with nothing more than a bed.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more on your activism issue. It's time we build each other up rather than tear each other down. Your picture was very informative as well. I also like the point you made with the Zimmerman profile. How when we think of vacation we don't necessarily think of places off the grid. I know that the last time I went on vacation the first thing that my dad told us was that the cabin we were staying in had high speed internet. That was my dad that said that. A man who has told me he used to walk three miles in the snow to get to school because the phone lines were down and couldn't get a ride, I'm currently beginning to question if he was telling the truth.

  2. I like your activism issue because a lot of people struggle with eating disorders. I know a couple people myself who have struggled with them. It is important to educate themselves and others around them, that way they know when and where to seek help. Nobody should go through something like that alone. The thing is that sometimes these eating disorders start with a simple comment or joke even that someone had said to them about their body, which then spiraled into an eating disorder. I also found the Zimmerman profile interesting. I think that he was a visionary and made something awesome out of a mountain.

  3. Eating disorders are a major issue with the younger generation I feel. Everyone has a certain standard or image they think they should look like or be. I believe eating disorders are something that should always be addressed if you notice a friend with symptoms. Help is out there and the sooner the better.

  4. I agree that more awareness about eating disorders are needed. I don't typically hear much about it, but it is definitely something people experience. I would like to know more myself. I also think that spreading more awareness about mental illness and developmental disorders are important as well. Two specific issues that came to mind after reading your journal is social anxiety and gambling addictions. These issues aren't as typically mentioned either, but they are very serious and affect many people.

  5. You did a fantastic job describing anorexia issue. Not to many people know about this issue or don't know what to do if them or a family has trouble with this disorder.

  6. I also agree that eating disorders are an issue that do not receive much attention. I personally knew someone that struggled with anorexia, and watching her deteriorate was awful. In today's television shows they tend to include issues such as this one, in order to bring awareness to this issue, but I believe that we can do so much more towards this issue. Personally, I did not even think of eating disorders as an advocacy issue, but I am glad that you did!


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