Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Profile-specific questions from Holding On for our interviews. From Mike

One of the two partners should use the Comments feature here to share your best questions related to a profile in Holding On.


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  2. Kristen and I's questions that pertain to Van Calvin:
    1. "What would you change about the past, when it comes to the art, and why?"
    2. "What made you stick to the mannequins, and not pick a different career path? What other career path would you pursue, if not the mannequins?"

  3. These two questions are from myself and Taylor Bahan. What other roles does Mike Gashwazra play besides the religious leader? How does technology change values of different generations?

  4. Betsy and Katie: Our questions are based on Barlow's profile. 1.) What would you have done differently in Barlow's situation? 2.) Why did the Mormons believe everything would work out in the end?

  5. From the Mike Gashwazra interview
    What would be your vision for the future of your tribe? Would you like your tribe to keep things the way they are and why?

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  7. Alexis Hensel and Katherine Shower's Questions on Evangeline "Van" Calvin:
    1. What helped you decide the expressions on the mannequin's face?
    2. How did you not lose faith that this business would succeed?

  8. From Cieria and Tiffney:
    Stanley Kilarr collected many records that filled his entire home. Where is the line between hoarding and collecting? What really determines the value in objects for each individual?

  9. This is for Seth and Will. We chose Dan Field, marriage broker, for our individual profile.

    1. Do you think people would be interested in speaking to a person rather than an online dating site in today's world
    2. Does matchmaking truly work?

  10. Chelseys' and Is' questions were from Hallie Stillwell and Tommy Bass
    Have you ever had a tragic event in your life that has lead to a good deed? Do believe in using natural remedies or healing processes?Why or why not?

  11. Shel and Shelby's Questions on Tommy Bass:
    1. Have your ever or know anyone that has used herbs to heal themselves? Who? What was the illness? Did it work?
    2. Today, do you think using natural remedies is a good thing?

  12. Jessica and Sam's questions are from the Bickham and Dewey Chafin profiles
    1. Do you agree that prisons are over populated or efficient?
    2. How literally do you think the Bible should be interpreted?


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