Monday, September 12, 2016

Journal Three Shel Collum

I enjoy most of the profiles in Holding On, some of them more than others. I think the strengths of this unique novel is how this is a collection of stories from people that you wouldn't look twice at if you saw them. Hearing their stories makes you wonder what kind of stories are out there. I think a weakness is how the profiles are short when you want to read more about them.

I loved the story about the "Folk Doctor" Tommie Bass. The most important and intriguing thing about this man is that he never claimed to be a doctor, only an "herbist". He has been using herbs his entire life and refused money from a father who's daughter was dying and gave them the herbs for free. He thought it was outrageous that a man thought he was going to profit off the illness of a little girl. I think the picture Isay included in the profile is iconic because he sits there with his hands crossed on his lap. Bass sat like this when he would be waiting on his porch for people to come and ask about his herbs. This is also cool because Bass is actually being interviewed about his herbs and for him to be sitting like that, is like him receiving us at the door, ready to talk about his herbs. A question to think about is what kind of herbs would he recommend for the types of problems people have today?

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