Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Protests yesterday in Holding On, and today. Links from Mike

For next week, I want you to read/view at least three of the links below.  Also gather your own facts and sources, and think on both sides of these issues if you can.  The theme is protest, and that means the subjects are going to be controversial.  That's okay.  We can talk civilly about anything as long as we are informed.  We're Americans.

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The story here is a photo essay called "From 280 Tribes, A Protest on the Plains". The link is inspired by Roberta Blackgoat, of course, and that's my connection from past to present for this link.  By the way, I picked this photo because I thought it was beautiful.  I love horses, and I love the Great Plains, as I grew up there.

Rivera and Pine

Bickham and Tisdale

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