Thursday, September 8, 2016

Journal Three- Kristen Orewiler

Part One: When I first started reading the book Holding On, I was pleased to find out that I love this book and all the stories in here are so interesting. I think some of the strengths in this book is all the information it has. It has my mind wondering further questions about each profile and it makes me what to research more about each individual. Some of the weaknesses I see is there are some stories that go further in depth than others. For example, the story about Mackey E. Brown, there is hardly any information compared to some of the other stories and I wanted to hear more about him.

            Part Two: The one profile that really struck me was the story about Tommie Bass. The question I want to do a little more research about is how he knew what herb to use for what circumstance because all he said was that he’s been around for a while and therefore he’s seen a lot.  I thought some ideas that were important in this story were the ideas of him knowing what all these herbs were and what they were used for. He really had an herb for everything it seems like. Everyone that knew of him thought he was a doctor, which he kept expressing that he wasn’t. If I were living in that time and I knew about him I would constantly go to him because he was very helpful when it came to helping people with their sickness and health. I think we can all relate this to our own life because in today’s society there is medication for everything and I think it has become a huge problem in our society. For example, legalizing marijuana is a big topic of discussion right now and one day while watching the news it was discussed that marijuana could take the place of perks and anxiety medicine.   I think this photo also helps tell the story because in this picture, Tommie Bass looks so ordinary and nothing really stands out about him. I think that’s important because he wasn’t a doctor or anyone with a certain title. He was just an average Joe who wanted to help people. Another thing that I thought Isay made stand out in this profile was he actually used specific examples about certain herbs. For example, he explained that peach tree leaves help with sleeping better at night. I think it was important to have those specifics in because it really drew the audience’s attention and made them focus more on what he was saying.   


  1. Kristen

    I think we need more people like Tommie Bass around here.I would diffently go to him for advice. This book is very interestng to learn how people lived and what kept them going even in the hardest of times.

  2. Tommie Bass' profile was very interesting. These days, if someone uses his methods of medicine, they're looked down on and are considered hippies. However, I admire they're knowledge of the resources that Earth has to offer, because he is proof that herbs have the ability to heal. Also, I never thought of marijuana as a form of medicine until recently, and I believe that it has the potential to benefit many people, but the business standpoint hinders it from moving forward.

  3. I really enjoyed the story about Tommie Bass, as well. He seems like such a genuine person who just wants to help out other people. I loved his picture, as well. I like the one they included of him in the trees, it seems so peaceful. I just love the pictures that are included with these stories, in general.

  4. I thought the story about Tommie Bass was very interesting too. I wondered the same thing how he just would know which herb someone would need based on their condition. I wonder if he had to go through a guess and check phase ?


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