Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Journal 3 Carli

My reading is going good so far with this book. I really like how it is set up and how the profiles are written. I enjoy the book even though it is my second time reading it. I am able to find different things in the profiles that i  didn't notice before. The strengths of the book i think are that it can really get you into the profile of the people and that it has really good pictures of the people  because they portray who the person is. One weakness i picked out about the book is that some profiles are very very short and i feel like i don't get a good sense of who the person really is in the profile.

 The profile that I really enjoyed and could relate to was Donald Bean. One of the important themes that I picked out of the profile is that you should never be afraid to express your imagination. This is a great theme to have because in the world today people are so afraid to be judged by others that they don't act like themselves. I think it is very important to do that in the word because no one person is the same and we all need to express our styles and beliefs.

The photo of this profile really works to show how he felt about the park. He was very proud of it even though he didn't get a lot of business. You can tell from the picture that he enjoyed being out there at night when he was bored and had nothing else to do.

I can relate greatly to this profile because he had said he liked to go out and be in his park all alone and just look at what he had created and made. I love to go out to the deer pen and watch them as they go about their day knowing that I am the reason they are there. I love the feeling of being able to say that i helped raise the two fawns that were bottle fed. I know how he felt when we was out watching the park and really enjoying and having great pride in what he had made.

A question that i had thought about this profile was how many people actually came to the park? I was very interested in how many people knew about the park and actually went to it. I think it would've been a great place to go and see. I also wanted to know how long he fought to keep the park running without any customers coming to the park to see it all.


  1. This is your second time reading this book, that is awesome! I love when I reread something later in life and can pick out things new that I didn't notice before. After thinking about what you said was a weakness to this book, I would say I agree. There were a few stories that were short and I felt I didn't get to know enough about the person.

    I love the theme you came up with for Bean's profile, "...never be afraid to express your imagination". Often times people don't speak their mind and share their ideas in fear of judgement; I know I do sometimes. I like that even after Bean's idea failed (I guess I could say), Bean didn't give up on his idea/dream. Bean continued to keep his dinosaur park running and in shape.

  2. I also enjoyed David Bean's story. It was like he created his on little haven. Regardless of what other people think, he did what he wanted to do based on a passion he had. He even lost a pretty large amount of money but still found a positive out of the situation!


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