Sunday, September 25, 2016

Journal 4 Shelby Weber

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Tomato being genetically modified with injection from another species.

Part 1:
The blog link I read was about the Native American tribe that is protesting the oil pipeline in North Dakota. I had seen this topic in the news lately, but I had never read much into it. The protest has been rather peaceful. Although several people have been arrested. Even after construction has started, if Standing Rock prevails in court on Wednesday, all construction will come to a halt.

The topic is chose is GMOs. There are a lot of people that believe GMOs in our food is bad for your health. I honestly wasn't sure until I started researching. GMOs are used most in agriculture, but they can be used in many other types of food. In this article, it states that researchers have modified apples to not bruise and tomatoes to not freeze. There are so many different combinations that can be used to make an organism the way we want it to be. In a way I think this is a good thing, but like the article said, altering the original organism so much can cause extinction of the original organism.
Part 2:
The profile that stood out to me the most was Lydia Emery. Emery had so much determination to finish school even though during that time girls rarely went to college. She had an office in her kitchen which I thought was interesting. I figured as a doctor she would make lots of money. Until I read further and realized she was still charging one dollar for her visits. One woman was even upset with her for not charging more. In the profile, Emery says, "Like one of my colleagues, a woman doctor up the valley. I didn't know her, but one of my nurse friends told me that she was very upset with me because I didn't charge more, that I was `projecting the wrong image`, that a woman doctor should make just as much as a man doctor- which I don't disagree with for one minute." Emery also said she thought about raising her rates one time, but then the plywood mill burned down so she just never raised them. Today, no one would be able to survive off of one dollar a visit. Also, doctors make very high salaries and most of the time go to school for the high pay and care for patients.


  1. I agree with the idea the GMO's can be a good thing when it comes to food. I think one modification we don't always think about it seedless grapes. When was the last time you spit out a grape seed? This small modification is something that has been done for years and has made something like enjoying fresh fruit easier to do. Most GMO's benefit society, it's the harmful GMO's such as growth hormones and pesticides that give the a bad name to the industry.

  2. I was raised with a farming background and because of this I have heard a lot about the controversy surrounding GMO's. I liked how you admitted that you didn't know exactly your stance on the subject but you researched into it. My opinion is probably biased because of the way my family talks about them but it means a lot that you researched further instead of choosing one or the other blindly. I did not know that the genetic changes some scientists were doing could cause the species to go extinct. I have always thought of better yields when I heard someone talk about GMO's.

  3. I like your issue on GMO's. Personally, I would be against GMO's because I think it is best to eat natural food. I like to know what I am putting into my body, and the thought of eating a genetically modified vegetable or fruit makes me anxious.

  4. I think it would be interesting to learn more about long-term effects of these types of foods. It is hard for me to grasp this concept and wonder how exactly this can even work. I think it can be beneficial because having food last longer can be a pretty good thing.

  5. I agree that GMO's can be a good thing because some of them are used in order to make foods survive through disease and other conditions that would otherwise kill the crops, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're all good.

  6. I agree that GMO's can be a good thing because some of them are used in order to make foods survive through disease and other conditions that would otherwise kill the crops, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're all good.

  7. It was very interesting how you read the native american pipeline issue I also read about it as well. Another thing that was also interesting was that you choose to write about the GMO's instead of writing about the native American issue. I also read about Lydia I also thought her life was very interesting.

  8. I agree with Wil in regards to GMO's being beneficial in some aspects, but there are also negatives. We live in such a place that has a high demand for food, which means that we must try to grow as much food as possible. However, when we use different chemicals and other combinations to do so, we can end up creating new problems, such as potential causers.


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