Thursday, September 8, 2016

Journal 3 Tiffney

Part one:

     By reading all the stories so far, I would have to say the strengths are on how well each story was written in detail. Some of the storeis amaze me. I can see that some of people in these stories can from a hard life, but those people made the most of it. I can see all of the people had dreams and family that stuck by them no matter what happen for them. Reading these stories gives a glimps into that moment of time that you thought you would see. As far for weakness, there not that many from what I see. I did notice some of the interviews were hard to get.

Part Two:

     I chose the Geneva Tisdale story for my third journal entry. I found this story very interesting. I can relate to this story a little bit since I work in customer service as a cashier. She goes into detail how the restaurant was when she first started in 1951. During this time the whites and the blacks could not sit in the same section of the restaurant. Also, all the waiters and waitress were all white and only the cooks in the restaurant are black. She also said that the white help got more pay for the same work as the black people.

     Geneva uses those words black and white a lot in her story. Her story takes place just right before the Civil Right Movement. Geneva was moved around a lot in the restaurant to different stations cause other people up and quit.  That drove her crazy. I couldn't have agreed with her more. When you work in customer service, you see the good, the bad and the ugly. So one day Geneva told her boss one that she was going to stay at the luch counter.  I can tell she loved her customers and loved taking care of them.

     What really shocked me was when the restaurant reopened and her boss wanted her and two other people to act like paying customers and to be the first people served. At the time her boss wanted to open the entire lunch counter to everybody. So this strategy must haved worked because the restaurant is still open to this very day. Just by looking at the photo for her story, it shows her dedication and that she never gave up hope.

     The way Isay wrote story about this young lady was amazing. He kept everything in order. The writing was smooth and strait to the point. My question to Geneva is what kept you from wanting to walk out? What was the restaurant like after the Civil Rights Movement?


  1. You could tell that Geneva was a hard worker. Working at a restaurant sometimes people do not want to get out of their comfort zone and try a new position. Some positions require more labor, and not everyone is willing to try them.

  2. Working in Customer Service is not for everyone. Geneva's story shows that she was dedicated to her job. Her story empowers and amazes people like me as well because I am dedicated to my job regardless of the outcomes.


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