Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Profile Practice Writing Exercise Tiffney

Cieria Burgett at English 2367 Class.

I met Cieria Burgett in English 2367 class on September 28, 2016 at Ohio State University Marion Campus. We were practicing interviews for our upcoming essay on the American Experience Profile. So we each took turns interviewing each other. Let me introduce to you the story and the background of Cieria Burgett.

Cieria Burgett is a 2013 graduate of Ridgedale High School. She moved out of her parents house at the age of 17. Cieria said “I was the Valedictorian of my graduating class”.That is a very high honor to get when you graduate from high school and even college.That is the one thing we both had in common. After high school, she started going to college here at Ohio State. Cieria also said “This is my fourth year here at Ohio State”.

It is interesting to learn that much about a person in very little time. Sometimes you just never know that you can have a lot in common with another person. In the interview we ask a couple of questions that related to the theme of visionaries. I asked her “Do we need leaders with futuristic visionary qualities to lead us forward and why”? She said yes. That society is being pushed forward and people with ideas create progress.

Next, I asked her, do we need leaders who can clearly see the here and now and who would listen the peoples’ vision of democracy and act accordingly?  Well she said no and that our democracy maybe good but people are afraid of change and are afraid to grow. That we both agree on. We all want change but, now days we are afraid what the outcome might be. This is why we need to stick up for what we believe in and never give up hope.

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