Monday, September 26, 2016

Journal 4: Shel Collum

Part One:
I find the articles and videos of Colin Kaepernick to be very appealing to me because I'm a huge sports fan and to see what Kaepernick is doing, making it more than a game and using it to bring issues directly to people, is very courageous. Although Kaepernick's performance as the the backup QB isn't very strong, his performance on and off the field as a human is much, much better. This NFL Quarterback is known for his stance against the oppression of black people, the corruption of police and the candidates for presidency. He "stands up" for his rights and the rights of the oppressed by taking a knee  or sitting on the bench during the playing of the national anthem before the start of each game. I 100% support Kaepernick because he is protesting in a nonviolent way and I truly believe in the issues that he is bringing up. In regards to the stance against the police, I agree mostly with him but my thoughts differ in a slight way. I believe that there are good and bad cops, just like there are good and bad people. But, cops are suppose to uphold our freedoms and protect them, so they are put in more of a spotlight and watched closer than other people. Every account of injustice or brutality is put in the light for everyone to see. Many riots and protests have come about from the videos of black people being treated cruelly and inhumane by cops. This has really made tensions between the police and the people they are suppose to protect high. Kaepernick has received death threats from people for his protests and for him speaking out against injustice. To me, this issue is a lot of societies' problems in one and I think that's why Kaepernick is receiving all the hate that he is. Calling out both presidential candidates, racism and police brutality, all by taking a knee during the National Anthem.

Image result for colin kaepernick during anthem
Colin Kaepernick sitting down during the national anthem to protest against the discrimination of black people

Part Two:

Percy Brigham is a scaffold fisherman in Celilo Falls, Oregon. He is also a Walla Walla Indian and lives in a community of natives. Percy talks about how this area where he fished, Celilo Falls, was completely submerged under water after the government had offered money to the natives that didn't fish as the Walla Walla Indians who did fish were gone. Brigham states "Celilo was the greatest fishin' that the Indians ever knew". This profile is relevant today because the government offers the same deals to people so the can take land away for something else. A popular topic right now is the North Dakota Pipeline, which would cut into Indian land and possibly be harmful by getting toxins in their water.


  1. I also talked about Colin in my journal. I think that there is a difference between sitting and kneeling during the anthem. I disagree with him when he sat during it because that is being disrespectful to the flag and our country. I understand when he was kneeling what he was representing and i think that is okay in that respect.

  2. I agree with your statement that there are good and bad cops, and that we rightfully should hold them to a higher standard, however I also think that certain issues are being more broadcast by the media more than others, I think that generally people in power have been letting it go too far and abusing their power and using it to hurt others.


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