Sunday, September 11, 2016

Journal 3 By Shelby Weber

So far I have found all of the readings in Holding On very unique. The writing style is different in every story which keeps the book interesting. The uniqueness of each story and person are big strengths in itself. Each person has such character and determination. The only weakness I have found is that some of the stories are super short and I find myself wanting to learn more about the characters.

The story I liked the most was Tommie Bass's. Tommie seems like a kind, loving soul that wants to help as many people as he possibly can within his lifetime. The pictures that go along with Tommie's story show his character in a great way. He looks delicate and sincere in a way. Like all he wants to do is help you feel better. He makes you want to trust him by the serious, but soft look on his face. I love that Isay left Tommie's language exactly how he talks. You can almost hear his southern, country accent through the text. One quote from Tommie's story where his accent is really strong is "Men, I'm not a doctor. Not even a son of a doctor. All I know is just what the herbs has done over the years. I've seen it actually happen. The drugs didn't do no good, and they took the herbs and they got back on the road again." One question that I would have would be how many people are actually using herbs are medicine now a days?

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