Monday, September 26, 2016

Journal 4 Taylor

Part 1: The most interesting thing I learned about the Native American fighting the new pipeline was how these big companies are getting away with a lot of the damage they are inflicting on the environment over a resource that won't be around very much longer. In an environmental science class I am currently taking, we learned that there is only about 20 more years left of oil if we keep drilling the way we are. One would think that this would cause drillers to rethink their ways but instead they push to have more pipelines added. I am inspired by the determination that the native americans and land owners have across this area when it comes to protecting what is theres. This kind of determination is needed if we are going to save our planet from this dreaded tipping point, we are rapidly approaching. I think there needs to be more spotlight put on items like this and less about what presidential candidates are tweeting.
An activism issue that has caught my eye is actually a poster with deeper meaning behind the illustrations. I like posters because they make the viewer think more into the topic than what is seen at first. The poster that means the most for me is an illustration that has a book and before the last page says "THE END" and the meaning behind it is how a lifetime smokers life is cut short on average of 15%. This means a lot to me because my dad has smoked for as long as I can remember and it would hurt me if he were to pass before his "story" were over. This posters credibility comes into question when you first look at it. The poster does not say who produced it but does have a number on it for smokers to call if they want to prolong their life more by quitting smoking.

"THE END. If you smoke, statistically your story will end 15% before it should. For help with quiting call QUITTLINE on 0200 00 22 00″
Part 2: The profile I found interesting was Zimmermans. I liked how he was hitchhiking one day after leaving home and saw these mines and knew he was going to live there. The theme of this profile, to me, was how if you think about it, all of the items around us, junk or not can be used for something else. I really liked how he made each room/mine a different experience and allowed people to use their imagination when staying there by figuring out how to use the items around them. 

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