Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Journal 4 Carli

After looking at the videos and articles I really was interested in the Colin Kaepernick things and the videos od the cops attacking people. Something I took from all of it was that the videos and the articles are only showing what they want you to see and know. Fir instance the videos have more to them then just the cops hitting and attacking people.
The issue I think is most interesting to me is the Colin Kaepernick ones. It is important to me because I think what he did has two sides to it. I see it as being very disrespectful but I understand why he is doing it. I think for the most part the only thing that is improving the issue is the fact that he is having so many other people following his actions. The article I picked to go with this was only talking about how his action has spread throughout the world. It is from the US Today website.
Colin and another team member kneeling during the National Anthem
The profile I really liked from these readings we were assigned was the Hallie Stillwell. I liked how they just came across her one day and interviewed her. I think she sounded like a really sweet lady and I wish the profile was longer. I think it is so cute that she marries people and loves to see them all happy . I know it would be hard for me to marry people after losing the one I loved. It just shows how great of a person she is. The quote I really liked the most and I think it showed her personality is when she says " I just hop they'll be happy" " they'd better be". This just shows how nice and caring she is to all people.

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  1. I think most people have the same opinion on the Kaepernick issue that you do, I see what he's doing but I don't agree with it fully. I think the fact that people are in the middle of the issue is why it's such debate and has so much attention.


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