Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Journal #4 By Matt

August 26th: Kaepernick sitting gains national attention
I found Kaepernick's protest interesting because it has sparked discussion about if it was wrong for him to do that or not. Personally I think it is a great thing because it not only brings publicity to problems in America but it also show cases that you have the freedom to protest which seems like it is taken for granted these days. In other countries if you would protest you could be imprisoned for life or put to death. Since this protest many others have started taking part in this including many other NFL teams like the Dolphins for example. There have also been many other team that linked arms.

I think that the right to protest and do what you believe is right is embedded in every American. Even though it might be controversial taking a stand is a great way of bringing it into the light to have serious discussions and to improve not only your well being but the well being of everyone. I think that Kaepernick has every right to do this and anyone protesting has the right also. A source I chose was SB nation because it added a timeline to the protest which would increase the knowledge of what has been done and what we can learn from this.

I found Stillwell's profile to be very interesting. I think that even though she had hardships like losing her husband she kept going. She saved her ranch and even made it one of the most successful in her area. I think her life had to be very interesting going from rancher to marrying newly weds. I think she brings a certain feeling when she marries someone like it is inspiring. I think most of us can relate to having to a struggle in life like losing a loved one or even balancing life with college, friends, family, sleep, etc. One quote that stood out in this profile was "Hallie struggled successfully to hold on to the ranch " because it almost has the name of the book and it shows that struggling for what you want is better than giving up.


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