Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Journal 4 Wil Lathrop

Part I
     The Reading I found most interesting was about the Pipeline in North Dakota and how companies have failed to consult with the local tribes before building the pipeline even though it would run through their land and destroy their main water source.  This isn't as surprising as it should be since there have been many instances in our history as a nation where companies have ignored the laws regarding preservation of National historic land.
     My activism issue is on the use of water and how we as a country aren't doing enough to keep it clean and using only what we need.  In the western side of the United States there are issues with droughts because of old "Use it or Lose it" laws which make it so as long as you are using the same amount of water one year you are allowed that much the next year, because this law came to exist people started using more and more water so that next year they would be allotted the same amount even if it was clearly over using.  This has lead to many issues including the Colorado river no longer reaching the ocean there for by definition not making it a river.
This is a picture from National Geographic two years ago when the when the Colorado river touched the ocean for the first time in 16 years.

Part II
     In our reading Holding On I found Percy Brigham to be interesting because he chose to scaffold fish even though the dams were being built. Even after the dams were constructed when he believed that it was the "end" of him he continued fishing though he had to use a boat for a while.  He eventually got back to scaffold fishing even when he started breaking down and had gone through surgeries.  This really clicked with me because he is so passionate about the way he fishes that he doesn't stop even when his body can't really handle it anymore.  This is inspiring to me because even when it was winter and he knew he was going to be in debt for a while it didn't stop him from pursuing his passion and wait out until next spring when he could fish again and pay off his debts.

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