Thursday, September 22, 2016

Journal 4 Tiffney

Part One:

     I think what I found most interesting was the protest against the new oil pipeline in North Dakota.  The company Dakota Access was given by the Army Corps to put a new iol pipe line. This pipeline would start from North Dakota and go all the way through Illinois and be shipped to the east coast for sales.  The company also wants to put a pipe line under Missouri River. This is what upset the Native Americans.  The pipe line would bring danger and disturbance to the rivers and wildlife perserves. The Native Americans believe that ground and the water are sacred and belong to mother earth. So a whole bunch of Native Americans started protesting along the roads and where the pipeline would be put into the Missouri River.

     The activisim issue that means the most to me is the Oil pipeline in North Dakota.  The reason this means the most to me is that I have a little bit of Native American blood in my family. On my mom's side of the family, is my great great grandmother who was a Cherokee Indian. She believed mother nature needed to be takn care of. That is why I believe that the government needs to respect the beliefs of the native people and let the land be. The government needs to do more research before proceeding with this project or move to another location.  According to the source I found, the timeline goes back to Feburary 2015 on this issue. The company sent a letter sent to the native people requesting permit for the project on that land. But that led to no where and soon led to all the protest.

Native Americans camping out in protest of the new pipeline.

Part Two:

     The profile I chose in Holding On is Lydia Emery. She grew up in a small town with a small population around 800.  The small town didn't believe that girls should not get a high school education or even go to college. Emery went against all odds finish high school and went to Pre-Med at a local university. Back then it was hard for a woman to be accepted into Pre-Med. At first her did not know she was in med school. She graduated from medical school in 1941. After she finished school, she went and joined up with the United States navy.

     She met her husband in the navy and moved to Yoncalla in 1946. That is when she set up a medical office and people started coming to her for small medical problems. Lydia was only charging 3-5 dollars for a office visit. Her friend who is also a doctor was charging twice as much as she was. Lydia's friend was upset with her because she wasn't charging very much. Her friend said  your "projecting the wrong image: That women should make the same amount as men doctors do. According to Lydia it's not that she didn't want make money but she just wanted to help people. She was very compationate for people. It was in her beliefs that gender didn't matter when it to medicine.

     Now days, all doctors seem to care about is making money and not very compationate for their patients. The payments to see a doctor now days is $20.00 - $30.00 just to see your primary care doctor and $40.00 - $60.00 for a specialties. That is just right out crazy. Only wish doctors could go back to caring for patients at a reasonable price that people can afford.

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