Saturday, October 1, 2016

Profile Exercise by Cieria

Tiffney Shepherd is a student here at the Ohio State University.  She finished high school online in 2011 and began her college career at Marion Technical College.  This is Tiffney’s first year as a buckeye since she transferred from MTC to Ohio State.   She is majoring in Sociology and is also a part time cashier at Meijer.

Tiffney Shepherd

Tiffney is very passionate about helping others.  With her Sociology degree, she plans to help people who are disabled and be a disability advocate.  When I asked why this was the area she is so passionate about Tiffney simply responded with “There are people who cannot speak up for themselves” and she is making it her mission to be the voice for these people.  Tiffney’s interest in helping this cause began in 2010 when she attended a Youth Leadership forum for people with disabilities.

The biggest influence in Tiffney’s life is her grandmother.  Her grandmother was one of thirteen children and had to drop out of high school when she became pregnant.  She later went back to obtain her GED and even earned degrees in both Financial Accounting and Computer Science.  It is easy to see why Tiffney’s grandmother is an inspiration to her, considering all of the obstacles that she overcame.  The biggest piece of advice that Tiffney received from her grandmother was to “never give up and work hard for what you believe in.”  It is easy to see that this positivity and optimism has definitely affected Tiffney in her life and future plans. (Word count: 253)


  1. It is always great to hear about people wanting to stick up for others and wanting to give those people who cannot speak for themselves a voice. Her grandmother gave her great advice growing up because in order to achieve greatness I do believe that you have to work hard for it and never give up. Her grandmother proved to be a great influence in Tiffney's life.

  2. I enjoyed reading about Tiffney's career goal. I think it would be an amazing opportunity to help people in the way she intends to. From the sounds of it, her grandma was a very wise and smart woman who would not let anything keep her from reaching her educational goals


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