Monday, October 3, 2016

Practice Profile-Young

Optimistic  Onate
Jessica leaned back in her chair, seeming somewhat nervous for the impending interview. When asked about her feelings for the future of her country she looked like a person struggling with conflict. Not typically the type to say anything negative, Jessica admitted that, at the moment, she was concerned with how the presidential election was going, considering that “both candidates are disliked by Americans”, and that race relations are deteriorating. Yet, with an emphatic BUT and a smile on her face, she explains that, despite these concerns, she believes that Americans will be unified under whatever president is elected.  It was clear that Jessica is an optimist by nature, ant this showed during the rest of the interview

                As the discourse went on, the questions became more personal. When asked about events that have influenced her life, she paused and inhaled quickly. She warned that she was going to now tell a very personal story. She described her parents’ divorce and the monumental impact it had on her life. She said that “my home life seemed to just disintegrate”. She was nineteen years old at the time, a hard junction in life in its own regards, and hard enough with having one’s family broken.  But, it was through this tragedy that Jessica found her optimism—it made her realize that “you can’t get anything out of a negative. I’m passionate about optimism, but I try to stay realistic too because things don’t always go how you want them so you always need a backup plan”. Now, she is almost twenty one (her birthday is in less than a month) and she wants to use her own experience and optimism to help others in the future, specifically families. She is also passionate about nutrition and fitness, so she hopes to be able to fit all together. She says, “I’m a caring person, and I just want to do what I can”.
Jessica Onate and her signature smile. She is fond of Spanish music,
adores her three year old brother, and tries to stay hip


  1. I really enjoyed your introductory paragraph and the way your writing flows. Also, Jessica, I think it is very refreshing to see someone so positive. It is easy to dwell on things that we cannot control, but you seem to make the most out of every situation, and that is very admiring.

  2. Coming from a split family myself, I know how hard it is to rise above the chaos. I think Jessica's optimism through that tough moment really showed who she is as a person. I also agree with her that this election is not one I would want to vote in but we have to suck it up and hope all goes well. I wish i had the kind of optimism she has!

  3. I really like the picture you captured of her because I think it was a great way to help explain how sometimes you need a backup plan and no matter what comes your way, you have to continue to push through it.

  4. Very detailed. I could see everything happening. The picture looks great as well and the caption is great, "her signature smile" was a nice touch.


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