Friday, October 7, 2016

Profile Practice- Kenzie

I sat down with Sami Hampton, a business major at Ohio State and asked her a couple questions about her life and future.
When Hampton was asked about what qualities a visionary has that sets them apart from others she responded, "They think outside the box and are typically pretty creative." She explained that she couldn't particularly think of anyone with those qualities in her life.
There are many life experiences that can change the way you see the world. Sami described a life changing experience that has really effected her perception of the world. "I had a baby. The birth of my daughter has made me see the world as a worse place. I'm worried about every little danger that she could face." These fears contribute to her pessimistic view of the future. "I think Hillary Clinton is going to become president. But I don't support her. After she becomes president I think it is going to be total social chaos and I don't see the economy getting any better." That concludes the time I spent with Sami and I enjoyed learning about her views of the world.

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