Monday, October 3, 2016

Profile Practice: Shel Collum

I had had the pleasure to sit down with Shelby Weber and pick her brain about her visions and learn about her. Mrs. Weber is a senior at Ohio State University at Marion and is 21 years-old. She is majoring in Business Administration and wants to get a job at CSX, which is where her father works as well. Fun facts about Shelby is she is married and her favorite color is blue.
When Weber was asked about her vision for her career and how she will use her skills and talents, she explained that she wants to use her degree and work at CSX "in the office or as the Trainmaster". She was very passionate about this career because she wants to be able to provide for her family and to be able to support them.
Shelby looks up to her grandma, or as she says "Gerd", the most out of anyone she knows. She explains that her grandma has been through a lot of adversity and is still altruistic and would do anything to help someone; even "give the shirt off her back". Her grandma is very traditional, married at 19 and had four kids by the age of 26, and she believes this is what shaped her into who she is today.
In Shelby's words, "visionaries have to be very determined and set in their way. Can't be swayed". She told a story about her cousin Christi and has been married for 12 years and doesn't want to have children. She travels the world and even went back and got her masters in Communication.

Shelby being very enthused

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  1. Shelby sounds like a really interesting person. I really like her idea of what a visionary is.

  2. Shelby sounds like a really interesting person. I really like her idea of what a visionary is.

  3. I really enjoyed the writing in this profile because it is straightforward and has lots of information.

  4. I loved that you included that everyone has their own views on what their life should entail, specifically when mentioning her cousin that does not want to have children. Society often stresses the idea that if you get married, that you must have children, but that is not the case.

  5. I think that it is really cool that she wants to continue in the kind of career that her father works at to provide for her family and I also think that it is cool that her grandparents were able to help shape her outlook on life and show that it is important to help others.

  6. I liked how you talked about Shelby's grandmother being an inspiration to her. It seems like her grandma has played a large role in shaping who Shelby is today

  7. What was really amazing about Shelby is she already knows what company she wants to work for. I don't know what company I want to work for yet I just know what I want to do.


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