Monday, October 3, 2016

Share here: Interview Question Generation Exercise. From Mike.

You will work with a partner to create 10 good and different questions that might be used for a profile interview.

When done, one of the two partners should come on the blog here and share the five best out of your 10 in the Comments section of this post.

That way we can all share and use the best questions as we compile our question lists for Wednesday.

Make sure you let us know who was working together as you offer these questions in the Comments below.


  1. Working with Jennifer Campa
    1) What career are you or did you pursue in your life?
    2) Do you think your children will follow in your footsteps someday?
    3) What do you think that the future holds for you?
    4) If you could go back in your life, is there anything that you would change?
    5) What kind of injustices do you believe that other people have to go through that they shouldn't have to?
    6) What is something you value in your life and that you hold on to more than anything else?
    7) What was the hardest circumstance that you experienced growing up?

  2. This is for Katie Wagoner and Betsy

    1) Do you think the government/media are trying to hide something by constantly reporting about "clown" cases? If not, why do you think they are focusing on this so much?
    2) Do all dreams mean something? If not, then why do you believe that people have so many?
    3) What impact do eccentrics have on the society?
    4) What is your passion or dream?
    5) Holding On - Martinez profile, Do you believe God or another power gives you the abilities you have?

  3. Kristen and Andrew's questions:
    1. What made you find your passion? How did you pursue it?
    2. Is there something in your life you would change if you could do so?
    3. Would you say the person you are today is different than the person you were in the past? How or How not?
    4. Is there something or someone that you admired as a child? Who was it? How did their actions or message contribute to your life?
    5. What was your inspiration in your life to get where you are today?
    6. How does the direction of America today differ from when you were younger?
    7. What was something that was culturally acceptable today that wasn't acceptable during your life growing up?
    8. What are some qualities that you would like to bring back from the past? Why?
    9. In holding on, We read a profile about Lydia Emery who liked to help people in exchange for hardly anything. If you could give back to the community, how would you do so?
    10. Going off that, do you agree or disagree with the wage gap between males and females? Why or why not?

  4. Alexis Hensel and Katie Shower questions:
    1. When you hear the phrase, "The American Dream," what comes to mind?
    2. What struggles have you overcame that has affected you most?
    3. If you could go back and change a particular event that could ultimately change or alter your life, would you? Why or why not?
    4. How do you think Kaepernick's activism will affect racial inequality? Do you think it will have any impact?
    5. Question based on Dewey Chafin and his mother, Barbara Elkins (Serpent Handlers)- What are your views on people that are so passionate about a particular idea or belief that they are willing to die for it?

  5. from Cieria and Tiffney:
    1. Did you have any big dreams or ambitions as a child? Did you follow them? Do you still want to?
    2. How big of a role does family play in your life? Can community groups serve the same purpose?
    3. What is your position on police brutality? Do you personally know any victims? Any police officers?
    4. What is your position on marijuana legalization (medical and/or recreational)? Do you think that the federal government should be allowed to intervene in states that have passed their own laws?
    5. How do you deal with failure? Why/How did you learn to cope that way?

  6. In class I worked with Shel and these are five of the interview questions we came up with.

    1. What was your first job?
    2. Where were you born?
    3. Do you feel like there is still racial inequality in the U.S.?
    4. Do you think either of the presidential candidates are a good choice?
    5. How do you feel about serpents (or other dangerous animals) being used in religious services?

  7. Taylor, Chesley, and Matt's Interview Questions

    1.What was a defining moment in your life that helped to shaped who you are today?
    2.What would you say your legacy is and why?
    3.How is society different now compared to what is was when you were growing up? In your opinion, which is better and why?
    4. Whats you favorite past time? Has this always been your favorite?
    5. What is your stance on police brutality and why?


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