Monday, October 31, 2016

Journal 6 by Ben

Part One: The character that I have found most interesting so far would be Reverend Mr. Tanimoto. He studied theology in America in the state of Georgia before he went back to Japan and he really shows that he cares for people throughout the chapters by helping people, bringing them water, or transporting injured people across a river. Things got so bad trying to help people that, "He had to keep consciously repeating to himself, 'These are human beings.'" What we can learn from him is that we could still be helping people even at our expense even though we may have not suffered through such tragedy, he goes out of his way to row dying people across a river so that they might be able to get them some help, and yet many of us are too busy or so apathetic that we will not even spend an hour helping out at a food pantry or homeless shelter. Just because there has not been a tragedy does not mean that there are no people that need help.

A nice photo of a nuclear power plant with sunflowers in the foreground
to make it look more friendly
Part Two: My research question was about the use of nuclear power and energy in a positive aspect, which I chose mostly because it was one of the topics least about people dying or being hurt. Anyways, Nuclear power plants have been used for at least the past couple decades to produce energy through the process of nuclear fission. A process that is fairly complicated and involves some knowledge chemistry to even try to explain. But if you are interested in that you can check the source and then research it yourself. One positive reason for using nuclear energy instead of other energy sources is that it produces less emissions than burning coal for energy. Another is that it is much a more efficient producer of energy meaning that just a little uranium can produce a lot more energy than burning even twice the amount of coal. Of all the countries that have nuclear reactors to generate power the country that uses it the most for the majority of its power source is France (

Source (


  1. I really like the photo that you chose. It goes very well with your part two that weighs the pros and cons of nuclear energy. I think the picture also does a good job of showing the contrast between the natural, beautiful flowers and the man-made, industrial look of the power plant.

  2. The positive impacts of nuclear energy really show how far we have come from dropping the first nuclear bomb and how we can harness this power for the good of humanity instead of using it as a downfall. The human race has the power to bring ourselves to extinction but we are responsible enough to control that power.


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