Monday, October 10, 2016

Journal 5 By Matt

The first profile I don't want to forget is Jim Bishop and the castle he was building. I don't want to forget this one because I like to think about the question of what if he doesn't finish his build and reflect that onto my life. What if I don't accomplish everything in my life? Will I pass my dreams onto someone else who is passionate about the same thing?

The second profile that I don't want to forget is Maury Graham. I don't want to forget his stories of the Hobo Conventions and how there is a sense of community built around one idea. I can relate to this because there is many things that I relate to the people around me. Maybe it is family ties, similar interests, or even others trying for a mathematics degree. The underlying theme is that everyone has someone to relate and I think Graham had a fulfilling life with many people he can call friends.

My favorite photo on the book is from the profile of Jim Searles. I like this photo because his facial expression shows how seriously he takes checkers. I also like the way it is photographed because it shows a perspective of first person where you are sitting down with Searles playing a game of checkers. The way to camera focuses on Searles is interesting because it focuses on him and blurs out the rest as another way of showing that your focus should be on the game while playing checkers instead of other people.

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