Sunday, October 2, 2016

Profile practice Chelsey

Carli Swisher is a junior at The Ohio State University at Marion. She is studying to become a teacher for sick children that can't attend schools, due to their illness. She lives in Marion, Ohio and owns a deer farm with her fiancee.

While talking with Carli, I asked her what she believes a visionary is, and if she has ever known one. She responded, "A visionary is someone who puts themselves out there, I think they just have a different way of going about life". While we talked about if she has ever known a visionary in her lifetime, she has not. " I have known of people that I think are visionaries, but I never had the chance to talk with them, which was unfortunate".

When talking to Carli about her ultimate vision for her career and how she will use her skills, she seemed very passionate and excited about what she was about to tell me. " I want to help teach sick children in hospitals, that can't go to school because of their illness. There is a company who brings people with a teaching degree, to educate sick children. Even though they are sick, and can't go to school, they still deserve to get their basic education". While Carli was talking about this program she was very inspiring.

Continuing to speak with Carli, she spoke about who impacted the way she sees the world and her day to day life. "I would say my parents, they gave me rules and exceptions to follow, and as I got older the more I understood the expectation as a person in society, and how to positively  make a contribution to that". Carli has obviously learned and taken a lot of positive advice from her parents. The way she is using what impacted her to impact the world is fantastic.

As we wrap up our conversation, I asked Carli if she had ever had an experience that has really changes how she views the world. "At my job, the boys and girls club there is this little boy who always came in with tattered clothing, clothing that was dirty or didn't fit, and clothing not suited for the weather. Seeing this little bot every time I work makes me change they way I view poverty. Kids who are impoverished have no choice in the matter, they are children, They can't change their circumstances as of now and that is saddening to me. I realize some people abuse the system because they don't want to try, and because of those people, the people who really need assistance that are working to better themselves get the bare minimum, and that's not right".

We continued to talk about the issues she was interested in, and how she would change the laws or systems to help the people that really needed it. After speaking with Carli, I think she is a visionary. She is inspiring and has amazing visions for her future.


  1. Chelsey, your use of quotation is superb! It flows wonderfully and really gives something to the profile more than just reporting facts would.

  2. At the end when you asked Carli about an experience that changes how she views the world, I thought the quote you included was very powerful. I thought the entire profile flowed well and the quotes tied in very nicely.

  3. Thank you for saying such nice things about me. I thought it flowed really well and you used my words really well and at the right times.


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