Sunday, October 2, 2016

Profile Writing Exercise: Alexis Hensel

     On September 28, 2016 Katherine Shower sat down and shared some of her thoughts and opinions on the future. She explained that she is a nineteen year old student at The Ohio State University Marion, studying to become a nurse. Being employed at Scoreboard Pub & Grill working as a waitress, occupies her free time. However, growing up with two brothers and separated parents has taught her to work for everything and to be appreciative. Asking her a couple of questions allowed her to open up and share a bit about herself.

Katherine Shower demonstrating her skills as a waitress.

     When asked about her career and plans for the future she seemed very optimistic. "Everyday something changes. For example, advances in technology will allow me the opportunity to help people with the highest forms of medicine, and that's exciting." She also explained that with her skills in muli-tasking and just an overall positive attitude that she will go far in her decided line of work. 
    While getting to know Katherine, the subject on who her role models were, as well as who influenced her the most was brought up. Her smile immediately lit up the room. "My parents are definitely my biggest influencers and role models because of their drive and dedication in everything that they do. From the smallest of things like sharing as a kid, or to even now, working as a waitress, they have always encouraged me to be kind and to take pride in everything that I do, and that's why I am the way I am today." 
    She showed that without a vision for the future and appreciation of the past, it is difficult to go far.

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  1. Hey that's me! I thought you did an excellent job summarizing. I liked how how summed everything up at the end with the last sentence "She showed that without a vision for the future and appreciation of the past, it is difficult to go far." It all flowed very well.

  2. Everyone has been influence one way or another by their parents. For better or worse they have been there as sort of a guiding light through life. This blog has a very god flow to it and the sentences link together very well.

  3. I loved the final line of the profile about how you need to appreciate the past in order to go far and without that appreciation we are essentially stuck. I agree without a doubt with that line. I also found myself wishing that I would have said something about my parents being my role models, by I didn't and now I feel bad. Oh well, what they don't know right?

  4. This was really great to read. I liked how you could pick out the best parts of the interview and be able to express it as the whole interview was written. I also liked how you showed her passion in what she was talking about.


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